5G Not Working on iPhone 12? How to Fix It

If you are an iPhone lover thinking of switching to iPhone 12, you must surely go ahead. But one question may come to your mind why is 5G not working on iPhone12? For this reason, do not change your mind because it is a temporary problem that is due to technical issues and can be resolved by troubleshooting.

The iPhone 12 with an advanced 5G network comes with default settings based on mmWave across the US. However, one can do manual settings from the iPhone. The 5G network problem may be due to carrier plan, ios setting, and SIM card. Let’s plunge into it.
Restore iPhone 12 5G settings:

1. Check your Carrier Plan

If you have switched to an upgraded 5G network but still face a problem. I recommend you to review the package so that you will find the loophole. You can get the best plan at an affordable price. From Verizon, you can browse unlimited plans with plenty of features.

It is also important from the user’s point of view to know about features, and wireless carrier plans to be no hindrance in your connection. For this purpose, just click here.

2. Check your SIM Card

The problem with a SIM card occurs when you have bought a SIM-free iPhone and inserted the previous SIM. In this scenario, firstly contact your carrier support about SIM. If possible, upgrade it or purchase a new one that supports 5G.

To explore more about SIM card attributes, you can visit. Here you will get a broad idea about 5G with a unique word “Standalone.”

3. Turn ON or OFF Airplane mode

Another way to fix this problem is by turning airplane mode ON and then OFF. A document by apple presents to follow the following steps to check the 5G connection.

  1. Go to iPhone Settings.
  2. Tap on Cellular > Check for Cellular data options.

4. Check Dual SIM Mode Settings

It is quite obvious that 5G will return to 4G LTE in dual SIM mode. This statement is said by Apple itself. However, in China, 5G works only when two active lines are in dual SIM mode using the same cellular data. 5G standalone is still not available in China.

Roaming with a 5G network is yet a big task and is under supervision. So if you are using an iPhone 12 with 5G then your cellular data will catch a 4G LTE. You can use a local SIM card or eSIM on a single 5G line.

5. Check 5G Carrier Coverage Online

One more aspect of overcoming the 5G network is to check your 5G carrier coverage online. You can depict it clearly from the coverage map that the US depends on a 4G or 5G carrier. To go in-depth, you can take help here.

Signing Off

I hope this will help you to get over 5G network problem in iPhone 12. If you want to know more, follow the guidelines.