How to Create a Poll in iMessage on iPhone

Polling has become a trend these days as everyone’s opinion matter. Sometimes we are unable to conclude. Keeping this in mind that there are third party iMessage app introduced a new feature by which you can create a poll on iPhone. Not only professionals but also every youth can participate in bringing a change. You can create a poll for personal choice to professionals like selecting members or arranging a party and even to social form. It gives us the freedom to speak by answering the question. You can simply do it via iMessage on your phone. Here is a list of steps.

How to Create a Poll in iMessage on iPhone or iPad

It is a third-party app developed by Jeff Henna, TinyPoll by Josh Pyles, and Polls by Ingolf Koch for iPhone users. Since the app boom among the users, then professionals enhanced this app with a unique interface. First of all, you need to download a third-party app and create a poll for a particular group. As the poll works on a group, so your must-have list of groups. Now proceed as below:

  1. Download poll app in your iMessage app store
  2. This is a bit different. Firstly Tap on the Group name in iMessage → Go to App store present at the bottom → Tap to searchPolls → Then download.
  3. Launch Message app. Tap for the iMessage group created for the poll.
  4. Open the polls app from the list of icons at the bottom screen.
  5. Tap or swipe up on the bottom of the screen
  6. Adding a poll title is compulsory.
  7. Tap on add item to add options for the poll and tap add to poll. Repeat to add another item.
  8. After items are added, tap on create the poll icon.

Now, the poll is ready. Share it among your members. You can do this by a hit on the Send button. You can also add a comment. It is optional.

All your recipient must have this app and then vote. Otherwise, it will not work for them.

This way you can manage poll in iPhone with quick and easy method. You can also update it from time to time. However, modifications have been done to avoid complications for users.

Now go for it. I hope you find this article useful.