How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone [2021 Method]

When you bypass iCloud activation lock on your iPhone, then your iPhone is protected. One unusual happening is if someone’s iPhone has stolen, then you can lose your data. A mind-blowing feature introduced by Apple in iOS 7 is to safeguard iPhones from theft. The person can access another iPhone in this case when he can deactivate username ID and password. This is possible in the least scenario. For this, you need to follow few steps-

Method 1. With the Apple ID & Password to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

1. Reboot your iPhone or iPad: To go in the login menu you need to access setup.

If you bought an iPhone from another person then ask for his Apple Id and login info. If you are unable to get that then need to perform some more steps to unlock.

2. The situations hold Tap Unlock with Passcode. One is that you can reset or log in with your passcode to deactivate the Activation lock or by Find My iPhone.

Another is meet the person to ask for Apple Id and password to sign in.

3. If you meet the owner of your Apple iPhone then take the login information to perform below setting-

• Apple Id to sign in to iCloud
• Login Find My iPhone
• Select All Devices on the top of the device
• Click your iPhone or iPad
• Tap on Erase device
• Tap on Remove from Account

Now your iPhone is no longer locked with previous owner’s Apple Id and you can create a new one of yours.

Method 2. DNS Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

  1. Reboot your iPhone or iPad: Perform this to access setup menu to input DNS bypass.
  2. Choose your country and language. After this, you will be on Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Select on ‘i’ button on your preferred network. A window will open to fill information.
  4. In the DNS section, enter IP addresses of your region.
  5. With the BACK button, go to the Wi-Fi menu.
  6. Go to Wi-Fi network and Enter Password. After this click Join presently on the right top corner.
  7. You will be taken to the Wi-Fi page with the BACK button.
  8. One more time hit the back button to connect your Wi-Fi network. Select BACK button to stop activation. On top of the screen, you will find
  9. Select the iCloud DNS Bypass menu which will help you to find the user of iPhone or iPad or steps to recover your device.

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