How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone with Scheduled App

There are many situations where it is useful to be able to create a text message and send it automatically at the time of need. While this is relatively easy in email apps like Spark, however, doing it with texts is more difficult. The schedule app is now supported by the iPhone with a feature of a weekly wrap-up. With an eye-catching interface, you can draft your message and send them via text messages. It works smoothly with few easy steps. In this article, we show you a few ways to schedule a text message on the iPhone.

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone Using Scheduled App

  1. Download the Scheduled App from the App Store. After installing, Open the app and give it to access your contacts and notifications.
  2. Tap on the create message button.
  3. Tap on Select Recipient icon and select an existing contact name.
  4. Tap Enter a message on the screen and start typing the message.
  5. Next tap on Schedule Date to select Date and Time to be reminded to send text message.
  6. When you form the message, tap on Schedule message.
  7. On that specific time, a notification will appear on screen to remind you to send the message. With notification appeared tap to launch.
  8. In the schedule, message change the Don’t repeat default setting to repeat to send the message repeatedly.
  9. For a free version of the app, Reminder is the option to send the message. Also, if you do not want to send it automatically or at the time you wish to send. For Premium users, “Send automatically” is the option to auto send the message at the specified time.
  10. Change the sending option to iMessage/SMS. Select the recipient from the recipient list in a messaging sheet.
  11. Tap on Send, and it will take your messages as normal.

Benefits Of Scheduled App

  1. Build the iOS calendar to set reminders.
  2. Import the Contact list for various occasions.
  3. Set auto-send to contacts for appointments, meetings, or birthdays.
  4. Help you in building messages. Once you schedule, it will notify you weekly.
  5. Manage Templates
  6. Maintain Snooze, Repeat, Archive, Skip, and Delete messages.

Limitations Of Scheduled App

The app has various benefits to make our day in a planned. However, there is some limitation to this app. You can scheduled text with the imported contact only. You can download Scheduled app free with restricted features. To avail of all its benefits, you can take a business and Premium subscription ranging from $1.99 to $4.99 monthly. This price is for US customers. If you set auto-renew, then the subscription will be charged automatically every month from the iTunes account before the expiry of the last one. Prices vary in each country, and the original conversion of rates depends on the country of residence.

Wrapping Up

The Scheduled app is amazing and elegant, with exclusive options that give you comfort. This app is perfect for sending scheduled messages on iPhone with advanced offers. Whether it is a Birthday, appointment, or meeting, you will never be missed by setting a reminder. This is the way you will be updated on your hectic day without any hindrance.