How to Turn OFF Call Waiting on iPhone

Call waiting is one of the advantageous features on the iPhone. It is a service provided by which the receiver can suspend the ongoing call to attend the next incoming call. It is a handy way to tie up calls one after another. You can easily switch calls with the help of a hook flash signal. If this is enabled then you can not miss any incoming call when you are engaged with another call. It is a convenient way to know the caller’s name even during the ongoing call. However, sometimes it troubles you in important calls and irritates. In such a situation, you need to disable call waiting on the iPhone with a few easy steps.

How to Turn OFF Call Waiting Feature

  1. Go to Settings, then select Phone.
  2. Move down to choose Call Waiting.
  3. To turn off, slide the green button to white.

Like this, you can continue with your present call without any interruption. In the future, if you feel to avail of this facility, then turn on this feature from setting.

Wrapping Up

Call waiting is a handy and interesting service on iPhone to a great extent. Sometimes you can not even miss your important call with enabling it. So you can manage the setting according to your situation.

Do you find it useful? How much it relaxes you or irritate?